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Para Architects is a young team of Architects based in New Delhi, India. We specialise in Residential and Commercial Of high quality finish and detail that are sensetive to context and brief. Our distinctive aesthetics are known for its Modern proportions, geometric form and biophillic design. We use and incorporate modern design keeping nature in mind. We believe that good Architecture and respect for environment go hand in hand.

Working with your ideas,we can nurture your projects from conception to completion. Our inter-disciplinary and innovative skillset, and extensive network of supplier's, means we can take your project from sketch to construction. Our team can Help you make the right decision and guide you through the process by bringing our creativity and can do expertise on the Table. Our work style is open, collaborative and driven by our love of good design with respect to environment.


We believe that each client is unique and so we take a unique approach to each brief. In this case we have noted and analyzed your requirements as well as undertaking a thorough review of the site including a feasibility analysis and a detailed costing and modeling of the whole project. Drawing on our long experience in this area we have tailored a solution to your exact specifications by fusing form and function to create the ideal space for you. In practical terms we have also identified and outlined key strategic milestones in the life of the project to ensure a smooth completion as well as accountability throughout all stages of the build and compliance with all local and national laws and regulations..



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